Thermoplastic Polyurethane

TPU is one of today’s most rapidly expanding polymer markets due to the versatility of the polymer.

Whether producing TPU for the medical market, the footwear industry, adhesives or any of the other hundreds of applications using this material, it is vital the pellet producer provide the highest quality pellets for processing the end product.

Gala offers systems suitable for compounding of TPU as well as pelletizing reaction TPU. These systems are engineered based on Gala’s processing knowledge of this unique material to ensure the best possible finished product.

Gala has the processing expertise to help companies compounding TPU for the first time, or established manufacturers who are developing a new grade of material. The Technical Center in Eagle Rock, Virginia has a three component liquid feeding system for running different formulations of reaction TPU. Gala also has dedicated personnel to assist customers processing TPU. From simple compounds to highly specialized reaction grade TPUs, Gala can provide the necessary components and system to ensure success for the end user.