Technical Centers

Gala’s state-of-the-art Technical Centers are equipped with processing lines, including single screw extrusion, twin screw extrusion, compounding and a heated vessel line for low viscosity applications.

The Gala lab capabilities also include —
  • Desiccant drying
  • PET post-pelletization crystallization
  • Fluidized bed drying
  • In-house analytical equipment to provide moisture analysis on current trials
  • Bagging system
  • Post-pelletization dusting
  • Moisture analyzer (loss in weight)
  • Rotational Viscometer (measure up to 500,000 cP)
  • Melt Flow Index
  • Sieve Analysis

Gala’s Technical Centers are available for those who wish to evaluate the suitability of a Gala system for purchase, for assistance in product development, R&D, or for product market sampling.



North America, Canada & South America:
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